RFMOD IP underpins next generation connected smart products with unprecedented levels of functionality, performance, value and size

Our self-invented IPR draws from 25 years' experience in semiconductor packaging and RF system and product design

RFMOD specialise in meeting targeted performance, with reduced Bill-of-Materials (BoM), simplified PCB and assembly leading to direct benefits of (1) simplified build and (2) lowest cost-of-ownership

Our Consultancy Service employs best practice in Chip, Package, System co-design to create potent solutions for high volume, small size, cost critical markets such as Mobile, "Wearables" and the "Internet of Things [IoT]"

RFMOD offers its proprietary patented semiconductor packaging portfolio to industrial partners through its licensed partner programme.

CLAM-LP(TM) and WLPoP(TM) technologies are uniquely designed to solve many of the key issues faced by designers and their semiconductor suppliers.

RFMOD technology uses existing manufacturing techniques, equipment and materials ensuring a low-barrier to market

RFMOD's BeanIoT(TM) project is a new consumer-centric IoT Edge-Node product and Data service for the Internet of Things.

BeanIoT(TM) - Wearable / Deployable / Enjoyable

Visit www.BeanIoT.com